• Name of measurement site: Aulanko-Hakalanniemi
  • Location: Hämeenlinna
  • Catchment area: Vanajanvirta (2226 km2)
  • Coordinates (ETRS-TM35FIN): P:6767775, I: 361627

The measurement site is situated in Aulanko-Hakalanniemi and its catchment area consists of the Pääjärvi-Teuronjoki-Puujoki drainage basin (1050 km2) and Tervajoki, Hyvikkälänjoki, Räikälänjoki and Kutalanjoki drainage basins added by Hiidenjoki sub-cathment. Although there are large agricultural areas close to Loppi and Renko, the common field-% is clearly lower than in Teuronjoki-Puujoki drainage basin. The measurement point is situated in Hakalanniemi, opposite to Aulanko Spa, at 79.5 m s.s.l. and only slightly lower than in Leppäkoski (Puujoki). Although Tervajoki and Hiidenjoki received industrial wastewaters for a long time, nowadays wastewater load from industry and municipalities is low. Besides those wastewater treatment plants mentioned above, there is only one wastewater plant which is situated in Turenki (Janakkala). On-line measurements were started in May 2015, and since then also reference samples for water chemistry analyses have been collected year-round.